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Policy Statement

The Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas (PABT) is committed to providing exclusive discounts to its members as a benefit of their membership. To ensure fair access to these discounts and to maintain the integrity of the membership program, the following policy outlines the criteria and procedures for members to qualify for exclusive discounts from PABT's partners.


Effective Date:


This Exclusive Discount Policy for PABT Members shall be effective as of [Effective Date] and will remain in effect until further notice.

Contact Information:


For inquiries, clarifications, or updates regarding this policy, please contact the PABT administration at

By becoming a member of the Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas, individuals agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy and any amendments thereto.

Active Membership

To be eligible for exclusive discounts, individuals must be active members of the Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas. Membership status will be determined by the PABT based on the member's payment of the annual membership fee.


Updated Membership Fee

Members must have paid their annual membership fee within the current membership year to qualify for exclusive discounts. The membership year typically runs from January 1st to December 31st, and fees must be paid in full to maintain active status.


Valid Membership ID

Members must possess a valid PABT Membership ID card. The ID card serves as proof of active membership and must be presented to PABT's partner establishments to avail of exclusive discounts.

Eligibility Requirements

Verify Membership Status

Members are responsible for ensuring that their membership fees are up-to-date. They can check their membership status by contacting the PABT administration or accessing their online member profile.


Carry Valid Membership ID

Members must carry their valid PABT Membership ID card with them when visiting partner establishments offering exclusive discounts.


Present Membership ID

To avail of the exclusive discount, members must present their valid PABT Membership ID card to the partner establishment at the time of purchase or service. The partner establishment will verify the ID and apply the discount as specified in the partnership agreement.

Procedure for Availing Exclusive Discounts


Members, as well as partner establishments, are expected to adhere to this policy. Any violations or misuse of membership privileges will be subject to review and may result in membership suspension or termination.


Policy Review

This policy will be subject to periodic review by the PABT Board of Directors to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Amendments or updates to the policy may be made as necessary.

Policy Compliance and Review

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