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COVID-19 in Jefferson County TX

By Peter Cootaoco

I’ve seen people post graphs about COVID-19 on social media, most without sources, with some incorrect, and others mis-interpreted to fit a political narrative. I created this dashboard to get clarity myself while making sure I get info from a reputable source. If anyone is interested in monitoring the summary and timeline of cases in your local county, I created a dashboard that updates daily:

You can use this as a tool to monitor local cases. You can also select other counties or select all to view a summary for all of Texas. There is also a US Summary and Top 10 Countries tab.

The data is from the Tableau Covid-19 Data Hub. It is from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Data Stream that combines WHO and CDC case data. The data source and the dashboard updates daily at 12 AM CST.

So is our social distancing effort paying off? As of today the R-naught has gone down to 0.82 from the average of 2.2 a few weeks back. For example, for an R value of 2, one person infected will infect 2 more. So if the R value is less than one like what we currently have, then that’s good news and we are slowly flattening the curve.

Hopefully, everyone takes this pandemic seriously and by providing localized statistics, you can relate and see that this is not just somebody else’s problem. As of today, April 18, in Jefferson county there has been 157 confirmed cases and 7 deaths in a month’s time. In Harris county there have been 4460 cases with 67 reported deaths.

Our prayers go out to those who are sick, and and to the families and loved ones of those who tested positive, and those that have died. Please stay safe everyone! We’re all hoping and cannot wait for everything to get back to normal.

Data source:

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