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Hugs and kisses from Taal Volcano evacuees to Texas!

Updated: Jan 18

Evacuees of the Taal volcano explosion at Ilat Elementary & National Highschool in San Pascual Batangas are very thankful to the Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas. Just 22 miles away from the crater, it houses 381 individuals as of January 15. And many more are coming until the help of PABT arrived the last Sunday, January 19, 2020. It was a great experience to help, and I feel very much appreciated. The tiring drive to the area was instantly relieved by their smiles. It is a 7hr drive for a 62-mile distance due to traffic congestion on people leaving the town and others getting in to give help. The evacuees can't help but give us hugs and kisses. One of them said, "send our hugs and kisses to Texas!

Food donations have flooded the area already. Thanks to our team, PABT's aid focused on goods such as pillows, blankets, clothes, underwear, soap, and other hygiene products.

(This article is to be updated with an expenditure report)

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