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Meet Justin Zumel, a Filipino talent

A Filipino talent is making a wave on field of architecture. He recently won the Volume Zero's MicroHouse competition. Volume Zero is an international design magazine website that strives to exhibit worthwhile architectural and design work of numerous architects and designers all over the globe. His concept recognizes Manila's garbage disposal issue. Much more on plastic waste. The contest is about re-imagining the idea of urban dwellings and come up with inventive solutions to the persistent issues of space crunch and growing population in our cities.

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On 2018, his masterpiece titled "Clove" is also recognized as honorable mention on Eleven’s International Space Competition on Martian Vernacular Design. Eleven magazine is also a distinguished publication in architectural field.

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He is also featured by his employer, the Brown Reynolds Watford Architects Inc which is a architectural firm established in 1984 and well distinguished in it's field. They serve clients throughout Texas from their Dallas, College Station, and Houston offices, and the West Coast from their San Francisco office.

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All of these recognition definitely requires high level of skill, talent and knowledge. Take into consideration that this is a world wide competition and a lot of brains battled for this.

This talented man is Justin Zumel from Beaumont Texas. His parent is Juan and Crescencia Zumel. Both of his parent are from Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Zumel family migrated here in Beaumont on year 1993.

..Images from an article in Beaumont Enterprise when they featured him for his murals painted in West Brook High School


His father Juan Zumel or Manong Jun to his Filipino co-workers is a man of few word, hard working and down to earth. For him to say, "I have something to brag!" will really get your attention. And that is when he told us the about his son. He said he knew his son is gifted because he is already making impressive artworks at a very young age. And yes he is right to be proud of his son! And as a Filipino, We are proud of you too Justin!

Thank you Manong Jun for sharing this achievement to our Filipino community!

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