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PART 3 Thoughts and Experiences as a Filipino-American Youth from a high school graduate PABT member

In September of 2003, after months of waiting, my family and I finally landed in Houston, ready to lead a new life for me and my two older sisters. My parents say we left the Philippines for the sake of me and my sisters, but I knew deep down inside it would be a very bittersweet departure for us all, leaving so many loved ones and precious memories behind.

During my past sixteen or so years as a young Filipina-American, my parents made sure that I never forgot my roots. They would constantly remind me that I am Filipina, not just American, and as a growing girl, I always found it annoying and pretty hypocritical. However, now that I look back, I am glad for their constant “nagging”. So many immigrants who leave their home countries for better lives tend to forget their true roots, when everyone should be immensely proud of their culture and heritage.

My roots as a Filipina gives my family and me yet another thing to be proud of, along with my being an incoming first-generation honors college freshman that graduated high school within the top four of her class with a four-year full ride scholarship, amongst other things. I am so proud of my heritage as a Filipina, as without it I have no clue where I would be or the person I would be. As I move on to a new journey and spend yet another lot years in school to achieve my life-long goals as a neurosurgeon, I will make sure to remember my Filipina roots and my two hometowns: Manila and Beaumont.

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