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PART 4 Thoughts and Experiences as a Filipino-American Youth from a high school graduate PABT member

Throughout one’s life journey, a person experiences different events and circumstances. They encounter joy, love, care and many other warm emotions. However, they also encounter pain, suffering, and many difficult obstacles. how do they overcome these trials? They can try a variety of different methods from perceiving to curating. For me, the Filipino spirit is what gives me the inspiration to push through my struggles.

Coming to America is a difficult experience. One often faces rejection, prejudice, and many difficulties in general. When my family made or journey from the other side of the world, we faced the daunting obstacles that many others have. However, like only a few, we were able to establish ourselves with stability. This success didn’t come from nowhere. We were able to overcome the hurdles we faced with resiliency that the Filipino heritage stays in us. When we started at the bottom, we didn’t become discouraged. Instead, we used it as an inspiration to become the best that we could be. This Filipino mindset would help us to climb to the top.

With the many obstacles that I have faced in my life, one of more prominent influences has created big impacts, leading to my success. This is my Filipino heritage that I am proud of, Mabuhay!

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