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Baby Espree ... "Sige lang ng Sige"

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

"What's yours is yours. What God has for you, is for you... nobody can take that.." Baby Espree, A proud bicolana from Ligao, Albay Philippines, been here in Southeast Texas for 28 years now. Like most Filipino migrant in United States, Ate Baby had a humble beginning and a share of challenges too. Others might still remember her selling ulam just outside the Asian Market. She even clearly remember her rate of two dollars and thirteen cents per hour working as a waitress in a local food chain in Beaumont. She tried numerous means to make ends meet. Her long story of struggle and survival is really impressive. Being optimistic and able to keep a smile on her face, her downs seems to never exist. Faithful practice of mag-ipon and being masinop is proven effective as she mention it a lot on her story. She propels fast by forgetting the mañana habbit and strongly believes that "the more you delay, the more you loose". Triumphing all those difficulty, Ate Baby is now recognized on her success in retailing business. She owns DIAMOND FASHION, a fashion boutique located on three prime locations in Beaumont. It caters all fashion needs in variety of signature brands and aims to be a one-stop-shop boutique for all her client. Being a fashionista herself, when asked how she sustain her business, she said.. "I know my products and I know my clients. Every single item here is handpicked by me. I see to it that my customers are satisfied and happy". and also she adds, blessings keeps pouring if you know how to share.

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