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"Singzon" - A short bio of a Filipino immigrant

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It took us several months to comfortably write and justify wording who he is. His achievement was so overwhelming that we knew that we will run out of praises for him. Outstanding, astonishing, great, and impressive, and as the list goes on; it is simplified as he is who he is. Dr. Singzon!

Son of Gauden and Yoyong Singzon, a native of Catarman Samar, with visible mestizo features, Dr. Victorico Singzon is a pillar of our Filipino community here in Southeast Texas. His name is probably one of the common Filipino names heard in our area. Before meeting him, as a norm towards successful people, we were expecting an untouchable attitude, but we were completely wrong. Dr. Singzon is of course proud of his achievement but you can feel his humility and good heart on how he delivers it. He is indeed a Filipino pride with all of these achievements.

This blog will be incomplete without visiting his childhood and scholastic achievements. Dr. Singzon studied at the Catarman Elementary School and Northern Samar Colleges. He was a scholar, a student leader, an orator and a member of the Far Eastern University Debating Team during his college years. He graduated from the Far Eastern University – Institute of Medicine in 1964. After his graduation from the medical school, he did 7 years of post-doctoral training in the United States. He finished his internal medicine residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He was a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He was also a graduate of the National Defense University – Institute of Higher Defense studies in Washington, D.C. He was called to active military duty during operation desert shield-desert storm and served in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the battle front. For his valor, courage and leadership, he received recognition and awards from many cities and professional organizations. He was recognized with different prestigious medals that are worth mentioning.

1. U.S Army Commendation Medal

2. National Defense Medal

3. Bronze Star Medal

4. Combat Medal

5. Southwest Asia Service Medal

6. Kuwait Liberation Medal

He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Specialties and Diplomate of the Royal Society of Health, London, England. He was a staff member of the Houston VA-Medical Center and was a member of the faculty of the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Singzon is a dedicated physician and a Filipino healthcare professional supporting the following organization as a LIFETIME member:

1. University of Illinois Alumni Association

2. Disabled American Veterans Association

3. Veterans of Foreign Wars

4. Industrial College of the Armed Forces of the USA

5. Association of Philippines Physicians in America

6. Illinois Philippine Medical Society

7. Philippines Medical Association of Chicago

8. Emeritus member of the American Heart Association and Houston Cardiology Society

9. AND of course, his beloved organization, the Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas.

Like everyone else, they had their fair share of struggles in moving to the United States in 1966. He shared their personal stories of having difficulty dealing with the immigration to keep his then fiancée. Nora who was a registered nurse, to stay in the United States. They were separated for a few years, fortunately, luck turned to their side and Nora was able to return to the United States. Eventually, they started their family.

Tito Vic and Tita Nora, as we know them, also shared their difficulties raising a family during that time. They both left their kids by themselves asleep in their apartment just to be able to fulfill their work obligations. Tita Nora singlehandedly raised their 2 kids when Tito Vic was deployed for his military duties. Their 2 sons, Victor and Ivan, who are now both physicians are making their own mark in their respective fields like their mom and dad. When they were raising their sons, they enforced the importance of embracing their Filipino culture, love and respect to family, and their most important teaching to them was praying and going to church as a family. Parenting to them did not come easy, however, they believed in the idea of supporting and guiding their children during their formative years and letting them decide for themselves. They instilled to their sons that they can be successful and achieve their dreams once they put their hearts and dedication into whatever they desired.

Obviously, the Singzon’s did well in juggling their career, marriage, and family all these years. They are an epitome of a Filipino immigrant family to the United States and a role model to all Filipinos here in South East Texas.

On behalf of the rest of the Filipino community of Southeast Texas and PABT, we want to appreciate the leadership and contribution of Dr. Vic Singzon and his family to all of us. PABT will not be where it is right now without his significant dedication to our Filipino heritage. Mabuhay ang mga Singzon!

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