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PART 1 Thoughts and Experiences as a Filipino-American Youth from a high school graduate PABT member

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Having been blessed with two Filipino parents, I have always been fortunate enough to learn the salience of perseverance, hard-work, faith and sacrifice. Them being immigrants, using their nurse occupation as a ticket to America, they know just what it takes to achieve a better life which is embodied in the Filipino culture.

I give all my achievements to my parents who introduced me to God. I believe my parents bringing me to church ever since I was born to be their biggest gift to me. Without god and my parents pushing me to be involved in my parish, I would have strayed from the right path a while ago, and thus not get to where I am.

Of course, god gets all the glory, but it is compiled with being brought up in a Filipino community. Having a supportive community that is always there to say “Happy Birthday or “Congratulations” without family is just two minor, little things that they do for me. I cannot even fathom the large blessings bestowed on me from this amazing second family.

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