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The Philippine Association of Beaumont Texas (PABT) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing support, resources, and opportunities for the empowerment and advancement of Filipino communities in Southeast Texas. Our mission is to ensure the lasting growth and prosperity of these communities by promoting their welfare, addressing their needs, and fostering their development through various programs, projects, and initiatives.

President of Philippine Association of Beaumont Texas

Dr. Andro Pol Camesa, PT, DPT

President 2022-2024

Building Community and a Bright Future Together

I am Andro Pol Suarez Camesa, born and raised in the Philippines from the historic city of Imus, Cavite. I am a doctor of Physical Therapy and happily married to my lovely wife Kriszel Gatdula-Camesa. When I’m not seeing patients in the hospital, my wife and I enjoy traveling, exploring different cultures through food, and soaking in nature through hiking, biking and lounging at the beach. We are hoping to grow our family surrounded by Filipino food, karaoke, “mano po” and “opo”, bayanihan, simbang gabi and the warm smiles of ates & kuyas / titos & titas / lolos & lolas who are bonded not necessarily by blood, but a strong sense of community.


As the current president of the Philippine Association of Beaumont Texas (PABT), it is my personal mission to unite the Filipino community here in Southeast Texas and create a Filipino-infused home away from home. Along with the present PABT officers, our team is updating our online platform to expand our reach to fellow Pinoys in the area.


I humbly invite everyone to join us. Say hello in one of our upcoming events, mingle and get involved. Extend your support by volunteering your time in our projects, becoming a member or offering a donation. Together, we can make a positive impact for the golden triangle of Southeast Texas. Let’s work hand in hand to build a stronger and more vibrant community for all.


Executive Officers

PABT Officers.png

Andro Pol Camesa


Lutz Alsup


Paul Martin

Vice President

Jomel Bajar


Chairman, Ways & Means

Ralf Barbaso


Board Members

Filipino Association in Southeast Texas

Cat Altamirano

Board Member

Member, Cultural Affairs & Diversity

PABT Officers.png

Mary Jane Castro

Board Member

Vice Chairperson, Ways & Means

PABT Officers.png

Emerzen Echavez

Board Member

Chairman, Cultural Affairs & Diversity

Cathy Griggs

Board Member

Vice Chairperson, Programs & Brand Management

Jina Aribe

Board Member

Vice Chairperson, Community Service & Relations

Cristy Burnham

Board Member

Chairperson, Community Service & Relations

Vincent Jaspher Cauilan

Board Member

Chairman, Programs & Brand Management

Rose Fowler

Board Member

Vice Chairperson, Cultural Affairs & Diversity

Arcel Garner

Board Member

Vice Chairperson, Membership & Development

Nida Murray

Board Member

Chairperson, Membership & Development

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